Our goal is to work with our customers’ technology landscapes, rather than against them. We understand that the infrastructure of any business evolves over time, and every historical decision was made in the best interests of the business. We try to understand the business needs, leverage the strengths of existing technology, and build new solutions that do not unnecessarily increase the complexity and cost-of-ownership of the customer’s technical assets.


We know both QAD SE and QAD EE, and have administered systems configured with both QDT and YAB. The new application extension functionality QAD is rolling out as of their San Miguel 2 release will be a game-changer, and we are learning those functions as they become available. Our familiarity with OpenEdge is obviously a strength in working with QAD, as is our long experience working with QAD data structures.


We have worked with TrakSYS versions 8 and 10, and have developed complex customizations in both frameworks. We leverage our familiarity with C# to incorporate new, custom logic into the TrakSYS framework.


Almost everyone on our team has worked with OpenEdge since Progress V6. We are very familiar with the components of the OpenEdge framework, and we have years of experience writing OpenEdge ABL code.

C# and Microsoft SQL Server

In an environment where the vast majority of client machines run Windows, the C# programming language has the power to deliver business solutions to end users with native speed and efficiency. We use C# to develop solutions that interact with OpenEdge through AppServer calls, and we develop standalone intranet applications that use ASP.NET with C# code-behind and Microsoft SQL Server to deliver functionality that can be made accessible to users without the need for a client installation.

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Linux is a robust and reliable server operating system on which industry-standard framework components such as Apache, MySQL and PHP commonly run. Our team has a long history of working with operating systems in the Unix family (in particular AIX, HPUX and Linux), as well as experience developing solutions relying on Apache, MySQL and PHP.